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Accommodation Barges, Rigs... How Can You Gain Access To The Market?

Accommodation barges, oil rigs, intervention vessels – there are a number of necessities when it comes to oil production. In the past, it was access to supply – oil fields and the aforementioned assets – that created insecurity. Yet, in recent years, it is insecurity to market access that has prevailed. Read on to see the effects this is having on the industry.

For the past 40 decades, the main issue for oil producers has been supply. This wasn't just the effect of demand outstripping the supply, but it was also access to the correct assets – such as jack up barge accommodation – and skilled operators, which affected the ability for oil producers to meet demand. It was hardly a difficult problem for producers. However, in this modern world, demand is shrinking. This is due to all sorts of elements – like the Urban Y-Generation not being focused on car ownership and also changes related to environmental thought. This is also coupled with an increase in supply coming from the likes of shale oil, oil sands and a boom in New Mexico oil production. This is making it a struggle for investors – with an interest in oil production – to achieve market access. This a problem that even well-established oil producers are now facing. But it can also be said that new challenges bring with them new opportunities. This is where a specialist offshore asset management company can help you achieve better results and greater penetration of the market, without increasing your costs to the point where your wells are ineffective.

And that is exactly how Attollo Offshore Ltd can help you. We will drive down costs while also responding to market changes and opportunities to ensure that your production is as cost-effective and profitable as it can be. We can also operate many offshore assets – including jackup rigs and accommodation barges. For more information, please visit http://www.attollo-offshore.com/, phone our Aberdeen offices on +44 1224 959810 or email info@attollo-offshore.com.