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Accommodation Jack Up Barge - Just One Facility That’s Important To Commercialisation

Accommodation jack up barge facilities, rigs, and well intervention equipment – these are the types of assets you have to utilise to ensure that marine oil production can take place. But are you optimising these assets as much as possible to reduce your overall costs? Read on and find out.

In today's oil production market, optimisation and control of your asset expenditure is key. The days of intense oil demand are being outstripped by supply. When the market changes, it's understandable as to why long-term oil producers would look at such changes as a negative. However, the reality is that these changing market conditions allow for the opportunity to re-evaluate your business to ensure present, and future, sustainability. One way to ensure this is to employ the services of an offshore asset management firm. This can allow for a complete reappraisal of your business model with the help of a fresh pair of eyes from outside your employment. The oil industry is notorious for being slow and risk averse – this has been due to oil being historically associated with 'easy money'. Why change when the current model works? Well, take the many fixed platforms across the UK's Continental Shelf that are either about to (or have already) met their expiration date, as an example. Just like ageing assets posing serious risks to safety and your business, so too can ageing business models. Change can be positive and can also include new management of your existing assets, like your fleet of jack up barge rigs, to improve your profit margins and increase productivity.

Whether it's accommodation jack up barge facilities, or well intervention vessels, Attollo Offshore Ltd can help. We have the technical expertise platform, market knowledge and modern approach to completely revitalise your oil production – reducing costs and increasing profits. To find out more, visit http://www.attollo-offshore.com/, email info@attollo-offshore.com or phone our Aberdeen offices at +44 1224 959810.