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Jack Up Barge Companies - Make The Most Of Your Assets

Jack up barge companies and oil production companies are facing increasing costs – particularly those operating within the North Sea area. This has seen North Sea oil and gas costs rising above any other industrial sector in the region – leading to projects being shelved and postponed.

So what can you do if you're operating within this industry? Well, there are a few solutions you could try to enact. One is, undoubtedly, to increase the productivity of your currently operating assets. One way to do this is by putting a halt on low-value activities. Many platforms in the North Sea are operating well beyond their expected lifespan – leading to greater costs associated with maintenance. With many offshore operators looking to maintain safe operations, as well as increasing regulation, there's no surprise that there are a number of regular maintenance routines carried out. However, a survey has found that approximately 10-15% of these activities every year do not add any value, nor will they remove safety risks. From this one example, it is clear that operators need to optimise the way their activities are planned and performed. And you may also find personnel overlapping in these duties, which can also have the effect of more jack up barge accommodation costs. This is just one thing that, as an operator, you may not be optimising to drive costs down. In reality, there are many other costs that aren't so obvious. With the right offshore asset management, you can find where else you can save money and drive profits back up.

Attollo Offshore Ltd are dedicated to managing your assets in a way that will both increase the productivity of your operations and at the same time reduce the costs of your oil production. This includes communication with jack up barge companies. To find out more, please visit us online via http://www.attollo-offshore.com/, or email us via info@attollo-offshore.com for further details.