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Jack Up Barge A Relocatable Marine Asset.

Jack up barge or self-elevating unit availability is increasingly becoming a priority in offshore asset management. Since their first appearance, they have demonstrated they can be designed and built to fulfil an increasing number of functions and the ability to re-locate means they are a must when planning offshore projects. They can be found looking for new oil and gas reserves under the sea as mobile offshore drilling platforms. They are also used to install and service offshore wind turbines, service offshore oil and gas platforms, salvage and dismantle large ship wrecks and provide offshore accommodation.

Offshore Asset Management And Jack Up Barges

Jack up barges are essentially very modified ships consisting of a floating hull or platform and legs that can reach down to the ocean floor for it to stand on. When the barge reaches its destination, the legs are lowered into the sea floor to anchor it and the hull or platform is raised, 'jacked up',' above the waves. As demand for these barges continues to increase, their efficient deployment and usage is becoming more important in bringing marine projects to fruition on time and on budget. In the 1950’s, civil construction companies started to use these vessels to build piers, jetties and carry out harbour works. With the rise of the petrochemical industry in the 1960’s, they were adopted and developed both for offshore drilling operations and for servicing more permanent offshore oil and gas installations. In 2013, there were about 540 mobile drilling barges in operation around the world. The advent of the 'green energy revolution' has produced even more variants, with barges being used to both install and service offshore wind turbines. With the increasing number of jack up barge operations that can be successfully completed in a number of different industries, it is important that barge owners use specialist management companies that operate in the same sector as the barge is designed to work in. In this way owners can maximise their market access, commercialisation and operation of their barges. This can in turn increase the return on their investment and give them a competitive advantage.

Accommodation Barges - Providing Efficient Offshore Living

When you are performing projects offshore, you need to accommodate your operatives. If the project equipment is relocatable then it makes sense to also have relocatable accommodation for the operatives who are actually doing the work. This is why accommodation barges were developed and deployed. An accommodation barge is simply a jack up barge that has living quarters installed on the platform of the barge. Early accommodation units often left something to be desired, gaining a poor reputation among operatives. The industry recognised this and the change to modular systems for equipping barges has led to much improved accommodation and other facilities for workers. A modern jack up accommodation barge provides high quality living quarters as well as a range of other services. Typically cabins to accommodate from one to four people are available as well as modules to store essentials such as fuel, drinking water and waste water. Technical modules often include generators, water makers and even sewage plants. While other modules house laboratories, offices, galleys, canteens, the control room, laundry and changing rooms. Given that you are working offshore, open deck areas, coffee shops and even helipads might be included. With this level of investment, it is not surprising that owners need their barges to be deployed and working as much as possible so that they can maximise the return on their investment. This is where the expertise of Attollo Offshore Ltd. comes into its own, working in the oil and gas industry to link charterers and asset owners.

Your Jack Up Barge And Other Marine Assets Effectively Managed By Attollo Offshore Ltd

At Attollo Offshore Ltd, we specialise in offshore asset management for late oil field life operations, rig-less well intervention, and other projects in the offshore oil industry. We work hard to commercialise assets and bring them to market maximising the return on your jack up barge, accommodation unit and other offshore assets. We work with charterers and asset owners to seek new opportunities for advancing rig-less operations and make real and long lasting impacts on the economic viability of mature offshore oil basins. You can view our services at http://www.attollo-offshore.com/, or call us on +44 1224 959810.