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Jack Up Barges - A Short History

Jack up barges are a crucial part of modern offshore oil drilling. Since the first development of jackups in 1954, by inventor R. G. LeTourneau for George H. W. Bush's Zapata Oil firm, they have become the most well-known and recognisable types of MODUs – mobile offshore drilling units. But, why is this important?

As of the end of 2013, there were thought to be about 540 jackup rigs involved in drilling operations around the world. Unlike other platforms that float, the jack up barge will rest on the sea floor and self-elevate itself from the floor via retractable legs. The legs support a platform that elevates the drilling equipment above the surface water. When secured to the ocean floor, jackups provide a stable environment for drilling that can drill in the region of 350 feet deep. However, in some instances, where drilling is required to go farther than the aforementioned depth, drill-ships and semi-submersibles become a better choice for both development operations and exploration. Since self-propelled jack ups are a rarity, many have to be manoeuvred into position via boats or tugboats. However, their flotation capabilities – accommodated by the capability of the legs being inverted above the platform for transport – make them flexible and easily relocated. However, daily lease prices can be expensive – so you'll want to make sure that your jackups are proving to be as an efficient investment as they possibly can be. Thankfully, an offshore asset management firm can help evaluate the efficiency of your jack ups as well as your other assets, equipment and staffing levels.

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