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Liftboats Or Jack Up Rigs?

Liftboats have a long association with the oil industry where they are most commonly utilised to support any form of well maintenance. However, many associate the liftboat with jack up rigs and they believe them to be one and the same. While they are similar, there are technical differences that should be noted.

Both do indeed share certain characteristics. A liftboat is multi-purpose, self-propelled and is also elevated out of the water by itself; the same as a jack up rig. Both also use a jacking system to enable their respective platforms to be raised above the water. However, the major differences relate to speed and also to cycles. A jack-up drilling rig will generally elevate at 2ft per minute; whereas a liftboat will elevate up to 6ft per minute – making it faster to get on and off location. The jacking system for a liftboat also means that it's not uncommon for it to be often jacked up and down over the course of the year. In fact, it will do this more than a jack up rig will generally do in its entire lifetime. This, in turn, effects the life cycle of the materials and on-board equipment. In terms of cost efficiency, liftboats – historically speaking – have proven to be more cost effective than jack up rigs. So, when looking at what offshore services to utilise, it's good to consider all of your options. Offshore asset management firms can help advise on such things while also operating this equipment in an efficient manner – both from a productivity and cost perspective.

So it's clear you need people with the expertise, skill and knowledge to help operate your assets – whether they are rigs or liftboats. At Attollo Offshore Ltd, we have that expertise. To find out more about our specialist asset management services, call today on +44 1224 959810, email info@attollo-offshore.com or visit http://www.attollo-offshore.com/.