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Offshore Accommodation Barges Companies - What Do They Offer?

Offshore accommodation barges companies provide essential services and support to those operating mature oil fields and wells. Often, this can be in the way of asset management. But what does that mean? What kind of services can you expect from such a management firm? And which firm is worth your time?

The managing of assets that are considered to be 'ageing' (as in assets that are over their expected life cycle) has become very important. That's because most businesses producing oil have assets that are running well beyond their originally intended life cycles. As such, these assets need to be treated with care and must be strictly observed to watch for any loss in integrity that could lead to a potential accident. When an offshore asset management team comes in, they will generally run a review of safety, make appropriate changes in strategies and also re-arrange maintenance. This can be done through a whole host of methods. This can include, but is not limited to, safety reports, hazard identification (HAZID) studies, and hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies. They may also be involved in risk-based inspections, review of maintenance strategies, review of pipe fatigue, risk assessment for fire and explosion, and testing of structural integrity. This can also, of course, include auditing. So when it comes to better managing your assets – such as your jack up rigs or offshore accommodation– then you'll want specialists who can help drive down costs while maintaining a strong emphasis on the safety of your ageing equipment.

Don't take any chances when it comes to your assets - offshore accommodation barges companies, such as Attollo Offshore Ltd, can offer the best management for your mature field operations. For more information on how we can help, please visit http://www.attollo-offshore.com/. Or, if you'd like to chat today, call +44 1224 959810 or email info@attollo-offshore.com.