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Offshore Accommodation Barges - The Basics

Offshore accommodation barges are a standard necessity for any oil producer who is looking to operate a staff team on an offshore drilling platform on a semi-permanent basis. They allow for the housing of staff; providing living and sleeping quarters for the offshore workers.

Barges providing offshore accommodation can be categorised in a number of different ways. They can range from lower end barges to high-end, deep water barges especially for offshore construction and work or subsea construction and work. Generally, the higher end barges, due to advances in technology, are DP barges - meaning they are dynamically positioned (DP). This is via a computer-controlled system that will maintain a vessel's heading (in this case, barge) and its stationary position automatically through the use of thrusters and propellers. Generally, the lower-end barges will be bought, while higher-end barges will be leased via a contract to the oil producers. With higher-end barges, there's also the possibility of having crane capabilities and deck space that can be used as part of any well intervention, drilling work or plug & abandonment campaigns. Over the last couple of years, there has been an increasing demand for such barges with the supply coming mainly from the Asian market. And, by 2025, it's expected that global demand for such barges will increased by 35%. So if you're looking to revise your fleet of barges you currently own or have leased, it's best to perhaps consult an offshore asset management firm before making any decisions.

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