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Offshore Accommodation Vessel Or Other Assets That Need Good Management

Offshore accommodation vessel, barge and rig developments over the past number of years have led to the production of a brand new set of vessels and platforms that have been adapted for future production. However, many assets are still being used far beyond their original life cycle. How do you ensure their continued safe use?

Much of this technology is now 30 years old. While the word 'ageing' is often used, it should be noted that this is not reflective of the equipment and assets being 30 years old, but rather relates to condition. With the world reliant on the continued extraction of hydrocarbons, much of this equipment is being pushed to the limit. While that's fine when the equipment is within the recommended lifespan of its design, much of this equipment is outside of these parameters as it stands right now. This creates obvious problems – such as hazards to the health of both workers and surrounding environment. It could be an issue with anything from jack up rigs to offshore accommodation, but one hazard could lead to a catastrophic accident. Therefore, it is important that the integrity of these assets, and the equipment within, are assessed professionally and with expertise. But how can do you do this in a timely and cost efficient manner? The answer is that you don't: you hire operators with the expertise to do it instead. An offshore asset management team can help manage and assess this equipment while lowering costs and ensuring continued productivity.

We completely understand the current market conditions at Attollo Offshore Ltd. It's why when clients begin to work with us, we will commit to drive down operational costs while we manage their assets – such as jack up or offshore accommodation vessel types. To find out more, please visit http://www.attollo-offshore.com/, call +44 1224 959810 or email info@attollo-offshore.com.