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Offshore Accommodation Vessels - Management Of Assets Is Key

Offshore accommodation vessels and many other assets are proving to be problematic for a number of operators within the oil industry. This is because many operators are trying to scale down the number of assets they own because of the current industry downturn. Is there a better way to manage assets and achieve safe working practices?

Because of this, it is becoming clear that operators who are looking to build to the future must treat their current, modern assets with more care and support. This was previously unnecessary in such a boom industry, but finances have to be brought into check, to scale with current market conditions. A big part of this future will be good offshore asset management practices. Many experts agree, and have been agreeing for a number of years, that it is asset management that will become key once the industry starts to see another upturn in fortunes. This is because current market conditions are forcing operators to become more educated and to hire firms with the expertise to teach them how to properly manage these assets. This often includes everything from the importance of managing corrosion, to discovering ways of improving coatings management. And, crucially, such firms can help address problems with ageing assets and ensure that your assets can have their lives extended through proper maintenance, without increasing risk to workers or the environment. This is particularly important when it comes to offshore accommodation and drilling platforms as both these vessels will often remain out at sea for years at a time.

Whether it's barges or offshore accommodation vessels, Attollo Offshore Ltd can help. Our expertise allows us to manage your assets with cost-efficiency, productivity and safety in mind at all times. Want to find out more? Then please visit http://www.attollo-offshore.com/. To speak to our team, call +44 1224 959810.