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Offshore Asset Management - Why Is It Important?

Offshore asset management is becoming increasingly important in the offshore oil industry. As prices continue to drop, it is important to bring down costs and increase production. Effective asset management can improve performance in two ways. Firstly, it can help ensure physical assets perform at their optimal production level for as often and as long as possible. Secondly, it can identify and eliminate physical and availability bottlenecks that constrain production. This can be particularly difficult in offshore mature oil basins such as those in the North Sea. Modern and innovative technologies are being deployed to maintain production in such areas.

Jack Up Barge - Providing Flexibility In Function And Location

A jack up barge or self-elevating unit is a marine vessel with a floating hull, like a ship, that can be sailed into any position where it is needed. It can either be self-propelled or towed by a heavy lifting ship or tug. Moveable legs can then be lowered to securely anchor the barge to the sea bed and raise or 'jack up' the hull above the ocean so it isn't affected by waves or tides. This makes a stable temporary platform that can be used for a number of applications. When the job is finished, the legs can be raised, the hull lowered, and the barge moved to its next location. Different structures can be built above the hull to equip the jack up barges to perform many different offshore functions. Types include accommodation barges, well intervention barges, salvage barges and mobile offshore drilling units. These barges have the ability to service and repair existing platforms thus maintaining performance and can provide additional capacity to remove bottlenecks. This flexibility in function and ability to move the barge to those locations where it is most needed makes it a very important and flexible tool in efficient offshore asset management.

Well Intervention To Improve Efficiency

Well intervention becomes increasingly important as an oil basin becomes more mature and the wells and oil rigs get older. As the oil is extracted, the conditions in the well change, potentially reducing production. Intervention is the name given to a whole range of operations that can be carried out on a well during its lifespan and at the end of its productive viability. Interventions include wellhead and Christmas tree maintenance, coiled tubing (used to pump chemicals directly to the bottom of the well to 'flush out' the last of the oil), snubbing and other workovers. Plug and abandonment is carried out at the end of a well's productive lifespan. Subsea well intervention offers considerable challenge, needs a lot of advanced planning and this one area where effective asset management can play a crucial role. It is carried out by light- or medium-sized well intervention vessels for small and medium interventions or from mobile offshore drilling units for more complex heavier operations. Subsea intervention has in the past been prohibitively expensive, but the application of modern and innovative technologies has made intervention, particularly rig-less well intervention, much more commercially viable and even profitable for both charterers and asset owners.

Flexible And Versatile Offshore Accommodation

To enable many offshore operations to take place, it is vital that offshore accommodation is made available. This is far more cost effective than, for example, constantly flying or shipping operators to and from a work site, particularly if you consider a large job where many field support operators are needed. For large short- to medium-term jobs, offshore accommodation barges can be used. These operate on the jack up principles outlined above and can provide accommodation and catering for large numbers of workers as well as providing support for other operations e.g. diving if they have free deck areas. The accommodation available can often be tailored to the work being undertaken by the use of modules on the barges. There has been a lot of development in offshore accommodation and temporary living quarters now meet or exceed the standards of more permanent quarters. As well as simple accommodation modules, it is possible to incorporate a wide range of other facilities such as workspace modules including test cabins, laboratories, and offices. For catering, coffee shop, galley and mess rooms are available. In larger accommodation vessels, modules such as recreation rooms, gymnasiums, locker rooms, laundry rooms and medic suites can be fitted.

Increased Profitability Through Offshore Services

There is now a huge range of offshore services available to the oil industry to maintain and enhance production from all types of offshore operations. It is important that services are provided in as cost effective and timely manner as possible to maximise production and profit from existing resources. Offshore vessels represent significant investments and it is therefore important that the use of such vessels is optimised and maximised, having the right vessel in the right place at the right time is crucial. Charterers engage services from asset owners who provide the hardware and operators to carry out the jobs. This is where offshore asset managers come into their own. Their role is to provide the link between charterers and asset owners to provide better value and performance for both. They can help in the planning of complex operations by working with charterers so that they are aware of what equipment is available at which locations and with asset owners to ensure increased utilisation of their assets and increased return on their investments. Attollo Offshore Ltd are specialists in offshore asset management who believe in making a real and long lasting impact on the continued viability of offshore, mature oil fields.

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At Attollo Offshore Ltd, we are offshore asset management specialists embracing the modern technology, innovation and advancement in our field. We have a wide range of expertise in meeting the demands and challenges of co-ordinating and deploying the assets required for late field life operations, rig-less well intervention and plug and abandonment projects. We are also experts in working with both charterers and asset owners, commercialising assets effectively and bringing them to market. Whether you are a charterer or an asset owner, you can catch us at http://www.attollo-offshore.com/, email us at info@attollo-offshore.com , or ring +44 1224 959810 to discuss your asset management needs.