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Offshore Services Companies - Change The Way You Manage Your Assets

Offshore services companies have a great history of strong performance within the industry. However, when times get tough, it's easy to keep your head down and maintain the status quo. In fact, you need entirely different approaches to see through these trying times. And it starts with your assets.

It is thought that at least half of the oil platforms currently operating in the North Sea are currently operating beyond their original offshore services lifespan by years. Undoubtedly assets – such as barge, platform and rigs – need to be safe and suitable at all times. This isn't just solely for any regulatory reason, nor even moral reason – but it's a key part of protecting your finances. Poorly maintained equipment and assets can be dangerous not only to health of workers, but can hit you with an unrecoverable burden should any sort of disasters strike. Having your business one disaster away from crumbling is no position to leave yourself in. However, you also have to balance this with the current financial climate. How can both be compatible? The reality is that they can be. With an offshore asset management firm, you can receive the proper advice that will bridge the two positions from a safety perspective and with an eye to your finances. This can be done via documented planning, engineer assessments, and procedure reviews. This also has the added bonus of being able to be used as evidence in court, of your active management of ageing assets in mature fields.

Do not leave anything to chance – management of your assets is key. Attollo Offshore Ltd is one of the main marine offshore services companies that can help do just that. We are specialists in managing our clients' maritime assets and fleet – from jack up rigs and barges, to well intervention vessels. Read more at http://www.attollo-offshore.com/. Or, if you'd like to know even more, please call +44 1224 959810 or email info@attollo-offshore.com.