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Oil Rig Accommodation - The Basics Of Offshore Support Vessels

Oil rig accommodation is but one of the assets needed in constructing and developing a successful and sustainable drilling operation. The reality is that such developments require a wide ranging fleet of marine assets – so much so that it can be rather confusing. So we're here to spell out the basics.

The start of any exploration and production (often referred to as E&P) effort is the beginning of a very long and complex chain of events. During these initial phases, investment is high – and that means there's a great deal of pressure as the margin of error is very small. Many assets can be hired out on contract or built with a specialised single purpose in mind. Many offshore support vessels (referred to as OSVs), such as offshore accommodation ships and barges, are not standardised so specifications between, for example, the accommodation vessels in question can vary quite dramatically. However, OSVs are generally used to provide support for offshore rigs that are drilling, to support assets that produce oil (such as production platforms) and to help with pipe laying. The OSV market is intrinsically linked to the highs and lows of the oil market. Strong demand, plus a high barrel price will justify companies in continuing to increase their E&P budgets as well as their planned activities. But what if the market takes a dip? Then it becomes trickier to justify spending such money. At that point, it becomes worth you considering hiring specialists from an offshore asset management firm to take a closer look at your assets and how they are used.

One such firm is Attollo Offshore Ltd. We have a track record of helping oil producers get the most out of their assets – such as oil rig accommodation vessels and jackup barges. If you'd like to know more, please visit http://www.attollo-offshore.com/, email us via info@attollo-offshore.com or call today on +44 1224 959810.