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Plug & Abandonment - The Basics

Plug & abandonment (P&A) campaigns are types of marine operation performed by numerous oil producers around the world. But what exactly is it? What can you expect from marine operators specialising in such campaigns? And why is it performed? We answer those questions in this short, explanatory article.

Plug and abandonment is just one of the many offshore services offered by marine operators. P&A campaigns are undertaken to completely shut off a well that has matured. It's an alternative to intervention of a well – which will attempt to extend its operational life. However, in some instances, it may not be viable for the business involved to intervene. The producer may wish to attempt to drill elsewhere. In this instance, the well must be secured. A P&A operation will help to isolate and protect all of the fresh water zones nearby from any possible pollution from the well. Additionally, it will also help protect other commercial production operations for future developments; it will prevent any future leaks into, or from the well; and it allows for the well to be easily identified later. However, there is pressure to get plug and abandonment campaigns correct the first time around. If the well leaks, the producer will be held responsible. This is not a worthwhile cost – both in a monetary sense and from a reputational standpoint. To ensure things go correctly, you need a quality marine asset operator – such as an experienced offshore asset management firm.

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