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Rigless Well Intervention - The Future

Rigless well intervention is the future. While, in the past, intervention was seen as expensive and unwieldy, times have changed. With assets ageing and costs going up, the industry needs to rethink how it approaches operations – particularly those in mature fields.

Part of this future rethink is emerging technologies and new management strategies. And one particular service now being offered by offshore services orientated companies is rigless intervention. With many producers debating whether they should abandon their mature wells or intervene to extend the life of their operations, rigless technology has become something utilised by both these respective schools of thought on late well development. Irrespective of the approach that is taken, the advantages offered by this technology are clear. While rigless equipment is being used to intervene in a well, or to perform plug and abandonment, this frees up drilling rigs to drill new wells – saving on costs. Rigless is also safe, fast and cost-effective. In particular, the last point is an extremely important consideration. The day rates for jack up rigs are extremely high, so any job that can avoid the use of rigs is something that should be seriously considered. However, these decisions shouldn't be taken lightly. As such, advice from service provides and offshore asset management firms is crucial to help make these decisions. It's common for oil producers not to have intervention teams – therefore, outside help on this matter is key. This is particularly so if that outside firm knows how to get the best out of emerging technology.

At Attollo Offshore Ltd, we have the expertise to help drive your firm into the future. We specialise in technologies such as subsea and rigless well intervention and we are committed to using these technologies to help drive down the costs of our clients. Please visit http://www.attollo-offshore.com/ for more, email info@attollo-offshore.com or call +44 1224 959810.