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Self Propelled Jack Up Barge Vessels Can Help Save Money

Self propelled jack up barge vessels are not as common place as non-propelled jack up barge vessels. Historically, jack up rigs have been manoeuvred into position by large ships or tugs before being deployed to the seabed. However, new technology can help save on expenditure.

When it comes to self-propelled jack up barge vessels, the technology may seem unnecessarily expensive. However, while initial costs may be higher there is also money to be saved on not having to hire a tugboat and its crew to navigate the barge into position. Not only that, but when bad weather hits then delay become a reality. This is because barges without propulsion have to be towed back to safety and this can cease operations and end up being extremely costly for your business. This is particularly concerning because non-propelled barges can also end up drifting at sea should the line to the tug boat be broken in bad weather. This can then have devastating effects if the barge is close to any existing oil platforms. Effectively, it has the potential to become an unpredictable and uncontrollable battering ram that can destroy existing platforms and injure hundreds of workers on existing rigs. However, a propelled barge can negotiate these conditions and avoid such expensive and disastrous consequences. There are specialist offshore asset management firms, with an expertise in modern technology in the oil industry, who can help improve your business sustainability and viability in these uncertain times.

One such firm is Attollo Offshore Ltd. We are dedicated to lowering your operational costs and getting your business prepared for the future within the oil sector. So whether it's self propelled jack up barge vessels or a response to current market conditions that is needed, we can help. Visit http://www.attollo-offshore.com/ today for more information. Or, if you'd like to talk, please call +44 1224 959810 or email info@attollo-offshore.com.