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Subsea Well Intervention Is The Future

Subsea well intervention is becoming a more and more viable option within the oil and gas industry. While intervention itself has been historically viewed with sceptical eyes by the risk-averse oil industry, today's market conditions have changed the way that oil producers look at emerging technologies. And, at the heart of this, is subsea technology.

Historically speaking, offshore oil drilling has been closely associated with floating platforms that are jacked up with legs that are embedded into the seabed. And, when it comes to well intervention work, this has often been performed using rather large and expensive drill ships or via semi-submersibles. When oil was seen as in plentiful supply, and the market in ever increasing need, oil producers had no need to have disrupted their profitable operations, and any intervention it was often seen as unnecessary when producers could just as easily drill new wells. However, this sort of behaviour is becoming unsustainable today. Now it is accepted that operators must make their current mature wells more efficient, and there is good news for operators as the costs associated with intervention have also been driven down. This is due to emerging technology, such as subsea advancements, significantly reducing costs with the introduction of dedicated vessels that have been especially adapted for intervention work. But if you're worried about how to achieve these lower costs, or which methods suit your wells – there's no need to be worried. A good offshore asset management team can help your operations secure intervention at a price that suits your firm.

At Attollo Offshore Ltd, we can help. We have the speciality to deal with subsea well intervention as well as other techniques. To see about how we can open up possibilities of higher production for your mature wells today, talk to us at info@attollo-offshore.com or call +44 1224 959810. Please visit http://www.attollo-offshore.com/ for more information.