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Well Intervention Equipment - Understanding The Basics

Well intervention equipment is very much in demand. Many major producers, hit with the fallout from a downturn in oil prices, are looking to alternative enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques to try and boost their production levels. But what do we mean by intervention? Read on to find out the basics of well intervention.

The simple explanation is that well intervention involves anything that is performed on the well after initial drilling. However, intervention has come to more specifically mean the actions that occur when an operation has been carried out to an existing well with the intention being to extend the life cycle of the assets. This can allow wells to be tapped for oil long after wells that haven't received any intervention are considered finished. The oil industry has generally preferred to drill for more oil; however, with production and costs changing, more producers are looking at how they can further extract the maximum potential from their current assets. Intervention will improve the performance of wells that have been depleted and are in mature stages – allowing for the recovery of oil that was once thought lost. This is something that needs to be addressed. A 2014, Economic Report from Oil & Gas UK, demonstrated that 'production efficiency' was as low as 60% in recent years. Ten years ago, it was approximately 80%. Intervention can help change production efficiency. But who do you turn to with the expertise to help? A specialist offshore asset management firm can offer the right support.

At Attollo Offshore Ltd, we're committed to advancing the uses of rig-less well intervention equipment to help drive down costs and increase production efficiency across our client’s assets to help secure the viability of their operations for years to come. For more, please visit http://www.attollo-offshore.com/, email info@attollo-offshore.com or call +44 1224 959810.