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Well Intervention Vessels - What Options Do You Have?

Well intervention vessels are becoming an important fixture of mature field wells. While oil producers could previously enjoy a healthy market place full of demand, supply has ramped up and prices are the lowest they have been in sometime. Now, producers want to better utilise their assets through intervention. But what options are there?

When it comes to well intervention, there are a number of options and techniques to consider. Intervention is carried out at the end of a well's life cycle to alter the geometry of a well, to help provide diagnostics or to manage the well's production better. Whatever the reason, the solution is similar: intervention work improves the productive life of the wells. There are numerous different types of well work that can be performed. This can include pumping (a simple intervention that pumps chemicals into the well to stimulate the reservoir), or wellhead maintenance. Other interventions that can be used include coiled tubing (which can be used to fracture the reservoir for better flow), snubbing (for operations needing heavier intervention) and subsea well intervention. Subsea intervention in particular is becoming a more common sight in the industry. While the ability to use this technology was limited by cost in the past, today's technology has allowed for this technique to become more viable. Rigless technology has also improved and offers even further opportunities to cut costs and risks. An offshore asset management team can help you navigate these very difficult choices and ensure you get the right intervention technique for your situation.

However, many oil producers do not have teams focused on well intervention vessels. So you need an asset management team with the expertise to help manage your offshore services. At Attollo Offshore Ltd (http://www.attollo-offshore.com/), we provide just that. For more information, get in touch today via info@attollo-offshore.com or on +44 1224 959810.