Smarter Operations. Better Results.

Leading Offshore Marine Operator.

A Platform For Success.

As a leading innovator in the offshore industry, we have the assets and ideas you need to outperform on your next project.

We supply propelled and non-propelled accommodation and well service jack ups for:

Field life extension projects
Rig-less well intervention & production enhancement
• Plug and abandonment
• Decommissioning
• Offshore wind projects

Our assets deliver exceptional project results.

Contact us so that we can help deliver your goals.

Superior Performance from a Leading Marine Operator.

As a leading duty holder, we conform to Safety Case Regulations and pride ourselves on finding better ways to operate. By using new ideas and superior assets, we help you reduce costs and achieve your goals.

Everything we do is geared towards creating a substantial operational advantage for you. Contact us to find out more about how we do it.


Trusted and Sustainable

Attollo Offshore takes being a responsible offshore marine operator seriously. We operate at the highest standards of integrity in our business, and supply chain, and act with the utmost care for the societies and environments in which we operate

Harnessing the Tools of Tomorrow.

Exciting changes are occurring in the offshore industry. New technology, new ideas and new possibilities are creating boundless opportunities for minimising costs and maximising potential. We are at the forefront of these innovations.

By using big data, process automation and artificial intelligence, we maximise our performance while driving down costs.

Contact us to find out how these innovations in our operations can benefit yours.

Innovation by the Barrel.

We provide the kind of innovation that helps you minimise costs, maximise your potential and get ahead of the competition. We pride ourselves on finding better ways to operate. By using new ideas and superior assets, we help you reduce costs and achieve your goals.

Our assets deliver substantial advantageContact us to find out how.

Intelligent Risk Management.

We operate an integrated risk management system controlling and managing major accident hazards across our asset portfolio.

With timely, effective and pro-active risk management, we’re able to solve potential problems before they occur.

Get in contact to discuss our asset portfolio.

Intrinsically Safe.

Meeting and exceeding client and industry QHSE standards is our priority. We work hard to maintain a world-class safety performance and we’re always looking at ways to make it even better.

Contact us to find out how we’ll deliver superior QHSE performance when working with you.

Organisational Culture that Delivers Results.

While we deliver a leading offshore asset portfolio, it’s our people that really make the difference. We empower our teams with an open working environment where information is readily available, shared and utilised to increase human performance. This always-aligned work culture helps us deliver superior results for you, safely and efficiently.

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