Accommodation Jack Ups.



Make the Right Move.

Self-propelled jackups put you firmly in control. Movement planning is greatly reduced, and they can create significant savings for your offshore project if you plan on moving frequently. The need for anchor handlers and tugs are negated and, with higher transit speeds and no need for anchor deployment, non-productive time has the potential to be reduced by up to 75% for high move projects.

Seize the day

Seize the Day.

Planning for any movement is kept to a minimum and it greatly reduces weather delays for short, frequently relocating offshore campaigns.


People Powered.

Our assets are designed with enhancing human performance and the reduction of human errors in mind. With cutting edge ergonomics, noise limitation and climate controls implemented to improve the general well-being of your personnel and improve rest, recovery and fatigue. Your offshore crews can work, eat, sleep and relax in an environment that increases their job and safety performance.


Silent Knights.

Excessive and continual noise can have detrimental effects on your staff and their health. Our assets reduce noise levels to as low as reasonably practicable to ensure your offshore workers remain well rested and in peak performance. 


Light Effects.

Our assets maximize natural light which has proven abilities to increase productivity and reduce human errors offshore.


Highly Accommodating.

Our assets have extensive deck space to accommodate large amounts of deck equipment from complex well services spreads to construction equipment.


Sleep Easy.

Increasing your workers offshore gives you the ability you to get more work done and with reduced timescales. A accommodation unit can support your offshore campaigns and provide extra beds offshore when required.


Food For Thought.

Every aspect of your catering needs has been fully integrated and designed in to our assets. Natural light, ergonomic design ensures a high standard of safety and comfort for offshore workers.


Lifting your Capability.

Every offshore project has its own different crane requirements. Using jackup assets increases the crane capacity of your project and increases your capability offshore.


The Only Way is Up.

The leg structures of our assets maximize gangway uptime and minimises the effects of adverse winter and monsoon weather in harsh environments.


Taking You Higher.

Our assets are built to high transit and jacking criteria to increase transit and positioning windows, reducing days lost due to bad weather.


Set Apart By Being Different.

More than ever, offshore operations require a greater focus on cost efficiency for work related to well services, asset life extension, well abandoning, decommissioning and support of offshore wind farms. Multi-purpose service jackups provide a versatile, cost effective solution.

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